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Welcome to the Byway Database.

We are working to keep this site online, especially the greenlaning section as we think it is important information that Steve would still like to be available to all you riders, the greenlanes can be found by using any of these addresses:,

For those who don't know Steve sadly passed away in February 2012 - you can find out more about Steve here:

His family and friends are working hard to keep this database open for you all to use, as we know that is what Steve's would have wanted.

If you have found it useful and would like to do something as a thank you for Steve's hard work, we are collecting donations for a fund for his two children.

You can send PayPal donations or enquiries to Steve's parents at:

or click here to donate, thank you:

You Tube

See Steve's videos and exploits on his You Tube Channel.

Geocache Spoilers

Geocaching was one of Steve's hobbies, he formed this Channel to promote it to everyone. Like he says "Not really spoilers"

Facebook Tribute Page

Messages from those who loved him from around the world

RIP Svengalie